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A PSYCHEDELIC BLUES EXPERIENCE!!! Whale Blue Eye is a blues-rock power trio offering classic covers, fresh originals, and 100% organic jamming.

Yes, my wild child, there was a time when the phrase “guitar hero” referred to guitarists instead of gamers. When bands were driven by drummers instead of drum machines.  When a rock band’s performance was about being spontaneous and in the moment instead of syncing to samples and sequencers.

Whale Blue Eye is a classic rock  power trio–bluesy, melodic, psychedelic, improvisational– that turns an admiring ear to the legendary work of artists that exemplify this earlier aesthetic of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Yet the band’s eye is focused on the here (hear) and now:  Whale Blue Eye seeks to marry past and present in a manner befitting this modern age, one in which we may once again “kiss the sky” via overdriven tube amps yet “spread the news” on YouTube.

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Gavin Stewart, began this musical journey in his early teens. The innocent “borrowing” of his uncle’s copies of “Are You Experienced” (Hendrix) and “Disraeli Gears” (Cream) was a major turning point for the young guitarist (Gavin has yet to return the records!).

Gavin’s brother, Brian, soon decided to come along for the ride, and has played bass for most of Gavin’s musical endeavors. From junior high school talent shows to opening for national acts, and even auditioning for Lenny Kravitz, there is a shared history between Brian and Gavin for which there is no substitute.

Whale Blue Eye has a deep catalogue of originals and covers and is enthusiastically taking to stages in the tri-state area at this time. You have been forewarned.

For Booking:

E-mail: gavin_stewart@msn.com


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