Great Night at Ranchero Cantina!!! (8/15/14)

A big thank you to all of you who joined in our little psychedelic blues celebration. It was quite an event. We did a two hour first set. Brian broke a bass string. Richard Borge jammed with us on five songs: Outside Woman Blues, Thrill is Gone, Watchtower, Politician, and Jumpin Jack Flash. Matt Cheplic, of the Bitter Chills, sang harmonies and played tambourine on “Come Together.” There was a large group of dancing women dressed entirely in white and holding flowers. Gavin and Vinny played a Smiths song while Brian changed his string. We may not be the prettiest. Or the fastest. Or the most technically advanced band out there. But every show is definitely different. And we are feeling it. And we want you to feel it too.┬áPlease like us on the Facebook to stay up to the minute on our latest hijinks. See you at a show this fall!!!

WBE-Ranchero 8-15-14 a

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